Official Echo Tree Gets Its Own Name


The city of Echo has an official tree, and now the tree has an official name.

Echo Tree

The tree, a Red Horse Chestnut in Fort Henrietta Park, is now known as the Dorn Tree. The Echo City Council named the tree in honor of Mildred and Fred Dorn, lifelong Echo residents, and for the contributions of the Dorn family to Echo’s history.

According to the city of Echo, the Dorn’s home, across the street from the George Park, was the unofficial gathering spot for decades, for Echo graduates returning home for a visit or reunion. Mildred was one of the organizers, until her death, of the Echo All School Reunion, which is held every five years.

Fred’s family on his mother’s side, the Mendenhalls, were among the first settlers in the Echo area on the Meadows.

Bennie Tolar, in her book, Echo’s from the Past, has a biography of Fred’s dad, John. John was a druggist, postmaster (for 17 years), city council member, farmer, school teacher, grocer and clerk. Dr. Frederick Dorn was his brother and his practice was in the ‘Dorn’ Building across the street from city hall. His shingle still hangs above the door.