Pac/West Communications Opens Office in Columbia Professional Plaza

Pac/West Communications has opened an office in Hermiston in the Columbia Professional Plaza.

Pac/West Communications has announced it has opened an office in Hermiston to serve clients in Eastern Oregon and Washington.

The company has a long history of work in the area, including running successful election campaigns, developing communications strategies, and lobbying for rural issues and initiatives. The office is in the Columbia Professional Building at 1050 W. Elm Ave., Hermiston, and will act as the company’s regional base of operations.

“Our mission has always been to give a clear and influential voice to our clients, especially those who are overlooked by the powers that be,” said Pac/West Communications President Paul Phillips. “The Columbia Basin is a powerhouse of innovation, growth, and development in the Pacific Northwest. We’re eager to enhance and promote that work.”

Pac/West will staff the Hermiston office with two local professionals who have firsthand knowledge of the region and its issues.

For the last 10 years, Phillip Scheuers has worked on government affairs and economic development, specifically in Eastern Oregon. Before joining Pac/West, he served as a legislative assistant in the Oregon State Legislature, focusing much of his time on the ways and means and capital construction. He also has significant experience in economic development programs, including business incentives and industrial land development for both public and private entities.

Daniel Wattenburger, previously an editor at the East Oregonian newspaper for more than a decade, specializes in communication and has reported extensively on rural Oregon politics, economy, natural resources, education, and health care. He offers insight on media relations and delivering effective messaging campaigns across multiple channels.

“Phil and Daniel have an authentic rural Oregon perspective and the know-how to convey those principles and priorities in Salem,” said Ryan Tribbett, senior vice president of government aAffairs. “Pac/West is serious about making meaningful progress for our clients, public or private, and giving them greater leverage in the state.”

Pac/West services include lobbying, political consulting, campaigning, issues management, branding, marketing, public relations, website development, crisis communications, and association management. The company also has offices in Wilsonville and Denver. Visit for more information.


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