PCA, Heritage Station Museum Team Up for Thrift Store Challenge


The American Poet Dorothy Parker described creativity as, “..a wild mind with a disciplined eye.”

Mixed Media by Natalie Rhodes.

Artists who work with discarded or repurposed materials are known to have their eyes open much of the time, staying alert to items that strike them as beautiful, quizzical, or intriguing. The Pendleton Center for the Arts and the Heritage Station Museum have teamed up to encourage those makers who work in a similar fashion to create new works of art. The Community Thrift Store Challenge kicked off on June 11 and will culminate in an exhibit in the front windows of the popular store during the month of August.

The Community Thrift Store Challenge is a reboot of a project the two organizations collaborated on in 2017, when the store was known as the Bargain Counter. Since then it’s moved to a new location on Court Street and is now operated by the Heritage Station Museum.

Mixed Media by Lori Rohn.

Anyone 13 and older is invited to create a work of art featuring materials purchased at the Community Thrift Shop. Sculpture, 2D work, assemblages, textiles, wearable art, and all sorts of mixed media are encouraged. Artists should drop off completed work with an entry form at the Community Thrift Shop, 138 SE Court Av. between July 28-30, 2022. All items will be displayed in the front windows from Aug. 1-31.

There is no cost to participate, and four $50 cash awards in Adult and Teen categories will be presented, thanks to the generosity of Tom Winn. Entry forms are available to download at Pendletonarts.org or in print at the Pendleton Center for the Arts or the Community Thrift Shop. More information is available by calling 541-278-9201 or by email at director@pendletonarts.org.


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