PGE Contractors to Demolish Boardman Coal Stack on Today


Portland General Electric (PGE) contractors today will knock down the 656-foot-tall stack and boiler at the Boardman coal plant – Oregon’s last coal fired power plant, which ceased operations in 2020.

Careful placement of explosives, handled by engineers and explosive specialists, will allow the stack and boiler to complete a controlled fall within a specified location. Explosives placed at the base of the stack and around the supporting structure of the boiler will be triggered within seconds of each other, causing the stack and boiler to come down quickly; the demolition is expected to take less than a minute.

The demolition will take place at 10 a.m. this morning.

The demolition will be livestreamed, available for viewing on PGE’s Facebook and YouTube channel.

From 1980 to 2020, the Boardman plant provided safe, affordable and reliable energy to Oregon. Boardman’s closure has been factored into PGE’s plans since 2010, and the utility has implemented resource plans to ensure an ongoing reliable supply of power for customers. These plans focus on renewables and other non-emitting, clean energy resources, including Wheatridge – a first-of-its kind wind, solar and battery storage plant less than 30 miles away.


  1. There doesn’t seem to be a video of the demolition at either location given above. Did the demolition actually occur? Can someone post a link to the stack demolition, please?

  2. This makes me sad, my father retired from working as a mechanic out there. Many stories told around the dinner table about his days out there, he passed a little less than a year ago so this is hitting particularly hard. He worked at Trojan before that and that stack was also taken down several years ago.

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