Picnic Tables Removed from McKenzie Park Due to Vandalism


The Hermiston Parks and Recreation Department has been forced to remove the picnic tables from McKenzie Park due to repeated vandalism.

The tables have been damaged on a regular basis over the past few months, including being spray-painted, broken, and set on fire. The incessant damage has made them unsafe for use and has cost the city a lot of money in repairs and replacement.

The department is working to find a solution that will allow them to provide safe and enjoyable spaces for everyone. They are asking residents to help keep city parks clean and safe by reporting any vandalism or other issues to their office at 541-667-5018 or the Hermiston Police Department non-emergency line at 541-966-3651.


  1. We already have the entire police department right there to protect them. It seems like that would be enough.
    Please replace them in time for the Juneteenth celebration.

  2. Place some cement ones and put them where there will be in some shade We have only one in Highland summit park we had 2 lovely sets of garbage cans they removed them and put them at waterfront park and every time there is a event they take our picnic tables we used to have 2 now just one


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