Police Arrest ‘Person of Interest’ in May 27 Shooting

Police Crime Scene
Police Crime Scene (Photo: Fotolia)

Police have arrested the man described as a person of interest in the May 27 shooting death of James Cragun.

Tyree Houfmuse, 34, was arrested Monday afternoon after a traffic stop in Umatilla, said Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston. Houfmuse was taken into custody around 2:35 p.m. following a traffic stop by the Umatilla Police Department in the area of Southshore Drive and Highway 730.

Houfmuse was transported to the Hermiston Police Department (HPD) by a Umatilla police officer and turned over to the custody of HPD officers. Houfmuse was later lodged at the Umatilla County Jail in Pendleton on the warrant issued for his arrest earlier this month. At the time, he was wanted for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The shooting took place in the early morning hours of May 27. The incident occurred at 525 S.W. 13th Place. The first officer arrived and found Cragun, 38, non-responsive. Cragun, who lived at the address on 13th Place, later died at the scene.

“Since the killing of James Cragun, our agency has been in constant contact with our local partner agencies,” said Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston. “The arrest of Mr. Houfmuse is a great example of teamwork on display. A plain clothes detective from our agency was able to work seamlessly with members of the Umatilla Police Department in filtering information we have received over the course of the last several weeks. Taking Mr. Houfmuse into custody without incident is a critical component in the investigation of the death of James Cragun. ”