Police Jail Hermiston Man for Alleged Domestic Violence Attack


A Hermiston man is in the Umatilla County Jail on several domestic violence related counts, including strangulation and sexual assault.

Hermiston police Wednesday evening, May 8, arrested Cesar Macias Delatorre, 47, in relation to a May 1 attack on an adult in his household, according to state court records. The Umatilla County Distrct Attorney’s Office on May 9 brought eight preliminary charges against Delatorre: one count each of unlawful use of a weapon and menacing and two counts each of strangulation, fourth-degree assault and second-degree sexual abuse.

The menacing and one of the assault charges are misdemeanors, the rest are felonies. All the counts constitute domestic violence.

Circuit Judge Jon Lieuallen set bail for Delatorre at $100,000 and set May 16 for a probable cause hearing in the case.

Court records also show Delatorre has a conviction in 2022 case in Umatilla County for domestic violence crimes of harassment, strangulation and fourth-degree assault. Lieuallen also was the judge in that case and sentenced Delatorre to 18 months in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, plus two years of post-prison supervision.


  1. Circuit Judge Jon Lieuallen needs to watch the abuse happen or the sexual assault, or the strangulation?? WTF does it take for this judge to keep this POS locked up? Maybe if it was done to his daughter he might feel differently. Very very sick justice system.

  2. I agree.my brother went to.prison for 4 Yeats for a l9ttery gambling addiction that led him to use his 82 year old nothers credit card a bit at a time to support his habit, and that is called elder abuse because she is an elderly vulnerable population and he was her caregiver.
    He has NEVER punched someone wouldn’t know how not one aggressive bone in his body.
    I’m not sayimg it’s bad he went to prison and that elderabuse should be a category for sure.
    But 18 minths for strangling? And 4 Yeats for credit card fraud?


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