Population Increases In All But 1 Area City


Most cities throughout Eastern Oregon saw their population numbers increase from a year ago, according to Portland State University’s Population Research Center.

Hermiston led the way with an increase of 245 people, according to the latest population report. Hermiston went from 16,995 residents as of July 2012 to 17,240 as of July 2013 – an increase of 240 people.

That increase outpaced the growth of other area cities. Boardman’s population increased by 170, going from 3,235 to 3,405. Pendleton added 65 people to its population in the past year to give it a total of 16,780.

Stanfield gained 20 residents during the same time period, going from 2,075 to 2,095. Umatilla’s population increased by 10, to give it a total of 7,025 residents. Irrigon added 5 people for a total of 1,835 residents.

Echo was only city in the area that had a net decrease, going from 705 people to 700.

Hermiston’s 1.42-percent increase over the year outpaced the 0.99 percent overall growth in the Umatilla County population, according to PSU. Hermiston accounted for 31.6 percent of county-wide growth to bring Umatilla County’s population to 77,895.