Riverside Jr/Sr High Plans Event for School Unity On Oct. 3-4


Riverside Jr/Sr High School is organizing an event designed to bring unity to its school.

The Breaking Down the Walls event will be on Oct. 3-4.

According to Principal David Norton, Breaking Down the Walls is a two-day program intended to change the way students at Riverside see one another. The program consists of a motivational speaker, training of student leaders and a workshop day. The workshop day will be for junior high and high school students; however, the students will not be participating together. The workshop day focuses on individual growth, violence prevention, bullying prevention, empathy and campus awareness.

“One of the goals for Riverside School this year is to create a team atmosphere amongst the student body and staff,” Norton said.”Breaking Down the Walls is a way for our students and staff to gain additional tools for bullying prevention, to learn more about one another and expand ways to continue to support each other every day.”


  1. This is an event sponsored by GEAR UP at RHS. Gaining Early Awareness for Undergraduate Programs. This will help out students become empowered to self motivate and be leaders of themselves as well as others.

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