Rivoli Restoration Group Announces Release of Rivoli History Book


An early supply of the new history book Rivoli has arrived in Pendleton according to Andrew Picken, Rivoli Restoration Coalition president.

The 500-page illustrated book traces the evolution of public halls, opera houses, and film theaters in Pendleton between 1864 and 1981. Alongside is a detailed explanation of the city’s “Wild West” entertainments of saloons, gambling halls, brothels, and opium dens.

“Pendleton’s exuberant years,” said Picken, “helped and hindered theater growth. Large increases in attendance didn’t happen until the first liquor prohibition laws in 1908. Detailing this, Rivoli teems with stories and images that make the Wild West days come alive.”

The book contains some 300 images and maps, along with more than 1500 endnotes, and many historical points that are reported for the first time.

Rivoli was written by Vic Kucera, a former resident of Pendleton as a contribution to the Rivoli Restoration Coalition, which will receive all proceeds from the sale of the book. Kucera is the author of books and articles concerning Northwest archaeology, Japanese internment, the early fur trade, logging, and pioneers of western Washington.

For more information about the book or to donate to the Rivoli Restoration Coalition contact Andrew Picken. Copies of Rivoli are available by contacting Picken at info@rivolitheater.org, at the Pendleton Underground Tours gift shop, and soon through online sale at rivoli-theater.com.

The mission of the Rivoli Restoration Coalition is to transform Pendleton’s historic Rivoli Theater into the Northwest’s premiere showcase for excellence in arts, information, and entertainment.


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