SAGE Center Showcasing Heppner Students Artwork

SAGE Center, Boardman
The SAGE Center in Boardman will present SAGE Saturday on July 8. (Photo: Visitor7 via Wikimedia Commons)

Art students at Heppner High School, in South Morrow County, have created a collection of artwork, interpreting local landscapes through their young eyes. Morrow County: From Here to There showcases artwork from students ranging from seventh through 12th grade.

The art project features oil paintings that highlight Morrow County.

“The goal was to allow students to explore a new medium (oil paints) that focus on the beauty of Morrow County, and to learn about the exhibit process,” Heppner High School art teacher Andrea Nelson.

Heppner High School students will have art work displayed through August 2017

“At the SAGE Center we have the opportunity to share what makes Morrow County special with visitors from around the world,” said SAGE Center Manager Kalie Davis. “Featuring student artwork in the gallery is a perfect opportunity to reward students for their hard work and share their talents with our visitors.”

Added Nelsn, “The SAGE Center is a perfect fit for this exhibit, because like the SAGE Center, these pieces of art focus on Morrow County and all that it has to offer. The SAGE Center reaches out and educates our youth, and with this exhibit, our youth are connecting back to the SAGE center.”

The gallery is open to the public during regular SAGE Center Hours.

The SAGE Center is located at 101 Olson Road in Boardman. For more information or question, call 541-481-7243.