School District Mourning Death of HHS Senior


The Hermiston School District is mourning the death of a Hermiston High School student today.

The Hermiston Police Department informed the district of the death of Brok Palmer, a senior, but the cause of death has not been released.

“Our department is handling the death investigation and we believe we know the cause of death but with the privacy of the family in mind, we want to limit the dissemination of information until the county medical examiner has an opportunity to weigh in,” said Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston. “This is an isolated incident and we have no information of any threat to the public at large. One of our chaplains was very involved in this tragic matter providing support for the family. The Hermiston School District has been instrumental in providing an incredible amount of support to a number of their schools as Brok had an extended family. “

According to the school district, the high school senior has siblings at Desert View and Armand Larive. The school district is providing support for staff and students at Hermiston High School and Armand Larive Middle School.

The district issued the following statement this morning:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends affected by this tragedy.”