Scott & Kelly Zielke Named 2023 Christmas Spirit Award Winners

Kelly and Scott Zielke are the 2023 winners of the Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation's Christmas Spirit Award. (Photo courtesy of GHCHF).

The Good Shepherd Community Health Foundation has honored Scott and Kelly Zielke as recipients of the 28th Annual Christmas Spirit Award.

The award is given to those who exemplify the spirit of Christmas by giving of themselves to others all throughout the year.

In a press release, the foundation wrote that the Zielkes “are the types of individuals that we all strive to emulate. They find purpose in life through investing themselves in the lives of others and actively seek ways to serve their community each and every day.”

The foundation said the Zielkes are regular volunteers, helping out at a variety of events and activities including face painting at Kiwanis Kid’s Day, leading the worship service for “Walk to Christ” or cleaning up trash along Highway 395.

One nominator wrote, “You need a ride to an appointment in Portland? They reschedule their days and take you. Wood needed to keep you warm? They find it, split it, and deliver it to your door. Warm soup and the dignity of a conversation whether you are at home, on the street or in between? Enter the Zielkes!”

In another nominating letter, the supporter wrote, “Very compassionate people. Both are always willing to help anyone in need. They have always been available for me and my family, and I’m sure countless other families in our community. They both embody the spirit of Christmas not only by their giving, but by their close walk with God.”

Past recipients of this award are Rev. John Thurlow, Dennis & Cathy Barnett, Mel & Bonnie Phillips, Ric & Karen Sherman, Pat Wahner, Bill Whetzler, MilRoy Meyer, Mark Jones DMD, Alice Brewington-Dyer, Rod & Karen Bragato, Linda Gilleese, Dawn Large, Dr. Marvin John, Patty Echols, Dr. John Spomer, David & Jodene Hughes, Cliff & Judy Bracher, Ford Bonney, Kathie Mallory, Sandy Hickey, Jim Purswell, Terrel Tovey, Sally Clemons, Joyce Dye, Carlisle Harrison, Charlotte Dack, Susan Jones, Laurie Ball-Kiser, David Florea, Mike Snyder, Erick Olson, Cathy Putnam, Virginia Miller, John & Marge Walchli, Kriss Dammeyer, Cathy Wamsley, Robert Luke, Roger & Karen Bounds, Charlie & Carol Clupny, Doug Alvarez, Jeanne Jewett, Kelly Sanders, Scott & Melissa Purswell, Tom & Abbie Ditton, Lou Lyons and Carl & Edith Holt.



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