Sept. 20: Umatilla County Health Reports 50 New COVID-19 Cases


Umatilla County Health today reported 50 new COVID-19 cases – down 15 from Friday’s total.

Today’s new cases – which include new cases reported Friday through Sunday – bring the county’s overall total to 16,031. There are currently 676 presumed cases of COVID-19 – up two from Friday. A total of 125 county residents have died.

More details are available on the county’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Umatilla County officials reiterated their advice to residents to take precautions against the spread of coronavirus:

To protect your health and the health of others, be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing. It is imperative that any person who is exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness stay home. UCo Health continues to discover instances where individuals are continuing to work while sick. Now, more than ever, it is important for businesses to ensure that employees are not coming to work sick. Employees may feel internal and external pressure to work through mild illness. Businesses are encouraged to develop flexible leave policies to support employees who become ill and establish procedures for sending employees who are not feeling well home. Anyone who is exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illness must stay home from work for 72-hours after all symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, etc.) have resolved.


  1. Internal and external pressures to keep working, you dont work you dont have money for bills. Stay home means no money means electricity turned off, storage units sent to auction for non payment, insurance cancelled. Dont work means vehicle impounded, lose all your personal belongings and living in the dark until the city condemns house for no adequate electrical lighting and your homeless(city of m-f) at least you dont have any of your belongings left to pack, all because you coughed and sneezed a few times and was presumed to have the virus. All true and Umatilla county was zero help and county sheriff what does he tell these people,” go to walla walla county the have a homeless camp and stay there” All true heard it myself, so work sick or stay home and lose everything.


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