Sheriff’s Office Tells County Residents to Be Aware of Scam Calls


The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a warrant scam circulating in the county again.

According to the sheriff’s office, the scammer calls a potential victim, claims to be from UCSO warrant department (often giving a real officer’s name), and demands payment of money to resolve the issue.

The sheriff’s office says these calls are “always a scam.”

According to the UCSO, law enforcement and those in the criminal justice system never call people to request payment to resolve a warrant issue or pay a fine.

On it’s Facebook page, the sheriff’s office wrote:

If you receive one of these calls, you can be assured it is a scam. If you are still worried, then report in person to the actual courts to inquire, or to the nearest law enforcement agency. Never give out payment over the phone to someone who has called you about resolving a warrant issue.


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