Survey on Hermiston Website Seeks Public’s Opinion on Cannabis Sales

The city of Hermiston is conducting a survey to gauge the public's opinion on the possibility of legalizing cannabis sales inside the city limits. (Photo by Budding on Unsplash)

The city of Hermiston is seeking input from citizens on the possibility of legalizing the sale of cannabis in Hermiston.

The city has a survey on its website with four questions as well as an opportunity for participants to express any concerns they have about commercial cannabis sales in Hermiston.

Hermiston was one of several cities and area counties that banned the sale of cannabis in town. That ban was the result of a vote by the people in 2016. That ban could be overturned by another vote of the people.

During recent Hermiston City Council work sessions focusing on the city’s budget shortfall, several community members as well as Councilor Roy Barron expressed support for making sales of cannabis legal in Hermiston in order for the city to collect the 3 percent in local sales taxes.


  1. Look at what it’s done for Pendelton. These businesses offer much more for a lot of people besides just smoking items edibles etc. why not we there is liquor everywhere.


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