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Committee Reaching Out to At-Risk Kids

Hermiston’s Faith-Based Advisory Committee wants to put an end to surfing – not board surfing, but couch surfing. Whether or not many people in the...

Juvenile Crime Numbers Plummeting

The Hermiston Police Department has identified a trend in juvenile crime that has its chief perplexed. In the past two years, the number of...

Would You Rather Go to Court or Eat Dinner?

It’s just dinner – no biggie. The idea is simple, but the ramifications could be huge. A local partnership is adding another tool to the...

Faith Leaders Work to Serve, Not to Proselytize

About a year before he passed away, Bob Severson approached Pastor Dean Hackett of the Faith Living Church for some help. The former mayor wanted...

One Kid At A Time

Every month, a small number of Hermiston youths are given the chance of their young lives – whether they know it or not. They are...