UEC Building New Operations Center in Boardman

UEC Boardman
UEC will construct a new operations center in Boardman. Completion is scheduled for 2016.

Because of ongoing expansion in the Boardman area, Umatilla Electric Cooperative will soon begin building a 23,970-square-foot operations center off Columbia Avenue, next to the Port of Morrow.

When completed in mid-2016, our response times will improve, and members may take advantage of a greater range of on-site services and conveniences.

Archibald Little Dillman Architects of Richland, Wash., has designed the building. The shop/warehouse will be 12,625 square feet, and business office will be 11,345 square feet.

What is the project schedule?

Construction is scheduled to begin in early summer 2015 and finish in mid-2016.

What will the building include?

The complex will have space for five truck bays, including room for two mobile substations. The bays will be drive-through to avoid the need for backing up large vehicles. Other spaces include warehouse, crew quarters, dispatch, a large meeting room and outside storage for poles and transformers. There will be a business lobby and offices, a drive-up window staffed during business hours, and a drive-up kiosk for 24-hour payments.

Who will build the project and what is the cost?

The architects have estimated that site development and construction costs for the six-acre site will be about $5.5 million. Construction bids will be opened in late April.

Will you add staff at Boardman?

A three-man line crew will be assigned to the Boardman Operations Center. No final decisions have been made about other staffing levels at the new building complex.

Will energy efficiency measures be included in the Boardman Operations Center?

Yes, we are evaluating the most appropriate high efficiency heating and cooling options, as well as all-LED lighting.

What will happen to UEC’s current business office in Boardman?

Our business office at 203 E. Boardman Ave. will be closed when the new building opens. We will continue to own the building, and make it available for lease.

Will the new building complex raise electric rates?

The Boardman Operations Center will not increase electric rates. Operating and fixed costs will be offset by increased revenue from load growth, as well as by efficiencies of decreasing transportation expenses, reducing wait times and increasing service availability.