Umatilla County Fair Announces Four New Fair Court Members


The Umatilla County Fair will have four new princesses on its Fair Court for 2024.

The new court members are Cheyanne Lancaster of Hermiston, Hailey Loiland of Athena, Katherine Hennings of Hermiston and Catherine Doherty of Hermiston.

Lancaster, a ninth grader, said the love for the Umatilla County Fair takes up a lot of space in her heart as her family has brought her to it for as far back as she can remember and beyond. She has won Champion Showman in the 4-H Horse Show and is Greenhand Chapter President for the Hermiston FFA, which is just a small part of her accomplishments. Her sense of county pride is what led her to apply for the Fair Court, along with following in the footsteps of other family members who have represented fairs and rodeos on their respective courts.  She has a heart for tradition and is excited to share those values on the fair court.

Loiland, an 11th grader, has been an exhibitor at the Umatilla County Fair since moving back to Oregon in 2017. She enjoys showing beef and has participated in the 4-H Style Review and comes from a long line of family members who are involved with the fair. Hailey has held many prestigious positions in FFA and enjoys assisting with coaching of youth sports. Hailey is looking forward to being a role model as she serves on the Fair Court like her predecessors whom she holds in the highest regard because of the positive impact that they have had on her. She finds it important to educate the public about the Ag Industry and she is eager to be a part of that process in her new role.

Hennings, a ninth grader, has been involved in shooting sports and has shown goats at the Umatilla County Fair since fourth grade. She is an honorary member of the American Legion and is heavily involved in giving back to her community. She is immersed in 4-H and FFA and aspires to work in the Agricultural field. Serving on the Umatilla County Fair Court has been one of her biggest goals because she has always looked up to the ladies on the previous courts. Her county pride spans over several cities and her anticipation to learn and lead is clearly what drives her unstoppable demeanor.

Doherty, a 10th grader, has admired the Umatilla County Fair Court since she was a toddler attending the kick-off BBQ with her Grandfather. Since then she has shown almost every species of animal in 4-H and FFA and is a highly decorated showman in all categories.  Giving back to others is what drives her to volunteer in her community. Catherine is drawn to the nursing field but has a heart for all things Ag. She hopes to inspire and engage the younger generation in the county’s rich heritage and Fair traditions. She tackles everything head-on and her many diverse interests keep her mind open and eager to whatever comes next.

Rebecca Manning will continue to lead the Fair Court through 2024 in her fifth year as Fair Court Chaperone as well as guide an incoming Chaperone Trainee to fill her position in 2025 when she will resign from the role.


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