Umatilla County Health Launches Program to Test Well Water Quality


The Umatilla County Health Department (UCo Health) is launching a program intended to assist residents in selected areas of Umatilla County in obtaining free water quality tests for their domestic wells.

Participation in this program will provide test results regarding coliform (bacteria), titrate, and arsenic. UCo Health said the results will help the department better understand the scope and scale of any existing or potential concerns to public health. This program is active now through June 30, 2023.

In 1990, portions of Umatilla County were designated as a Groundwater Management Area. The designated areas included the Hermiston, Echo, Stanfield and Umatilla zip codes.

The county’s pilot testing program will focus on these four zip codes but with additional funding may expand the program to other areas.

Individuals who wish to participate in the domestic well testing program can pick up test kits from the following locations:

  • KTL-KUO Laboratories, 1300 Sixth St. Suite J, Umatilla
  • UCo Health, 435 E. Newport Ave., Hermiston
  • UCo Health, 200 S.E. Third St., Pendleton

For more information call 541-278-5432 or 541-567-3113.


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