Umatilla County Infant Dies of COVID


A Umatilla County infant died from COVID-19, county health officials reported today.

Umatilla County Health said today that an infant was diagonosed with COVID-19 on Jan. 17 and died the same day at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland, Wash. The infant had underlying medical conditions. It is the 80th death in the county due to COVID-19.

Oregon Health Authority has shared the following statement regarding this death:

“Today’s update on the number of COVID-19 related deaths includes an infant who had tested positive for COVID-19 and died the same day,” said Dr. Dean Sidelinger, OHA’s health officer and state epidemiologist. “Every death from COVID-19 is a tragedy, even more so the death of a child. The death of an infant is extremely rare. This news represents a tremendous loss to the mother and family. My thoughts are with them during this difficult time.”

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown offered condolances to the family.

“We have all worked together for nearly a year in Oregon to protect the lives of those we hold most dear,” said Brown. “The loss of a life so young is an indescribable tragedy for a family. Dan and I send our thoughts and condolences to the mother and family of this child, whose grief must be unimaginable in this moment. The hearts of all Oregonians are with you today.”

Symptoms requiring urgent medical attention for children with COVID-19-related conditions include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain or pressure in the chest that doesn’t go away
  • New confusion
  • Being unable to wake up or stay awake when not tired
  • Bluish lips or face

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the hospitalization of children for COVID-19-related illnesses remains low compared to adults, and only 1.3% of all positive and presumed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Oregonians 9 years old or younger. The CDC notes that children with certain underlying medical conditions and infants younger than 1 year old might be at increased risk for severe illness from SARS-CoV-2 infections, and among those who experienced severe illness from COVID-19, most have had underlying medical conditions.



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