Umatilla Has New Mayor, Councilor

Trott Sworn In
Dave Trott is sworn in as the new mayor of Umatilla during Tuesday night's city council meeting.

It’s official: Umatilla has a new mayor – and a new city councilor.

David Trott and David Lougee were sworn in Tuesday night as Umatilla mayor and councilor, respectively. Also sworn in were incumbents Mary Dedrick and Mel Ray.

“I want to thank my supporters during the election,” said Trott, who succeeds Pat Lafferty, who died last April.

The new mayor also informed the council and audience members that future meetings of the Umatilla City Council would be conducted a little differently.

“We’re going to use a little more parliamentary procedure during the meetings,” Trott said. “It should be painless.”

Trott also said that while he agrees with community sentiment that the downtown area needs to be addressed, there are other places within the city that need attention.

“The building blocks of a community are the neighborhoods,” he said. “There are issues out in the neighborhoods that need our guidance and attention.” Trott said those issues would be brought up and discussed in detail in future meetings.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the council voted to adopt an ordinance granting Waste-Pro a nonexclusive franchise to collect medical waste in the city.

Also, Trott announced the council will hold a second January meeting on Jan. 20.