Umatilla Makes Progress on Construction of Pedestrian Bridge


Construction of the pedestrian bridge to reconnect Umatilla’s South Hill area with the main parts of the city is advancing toward completion.

The city in an update reported the project marks a significant milestone in enhancing accessibility and connectivity for residents, linking key areas such as city hall, the Umatilla Public Library, schools and city parks.

In-water work began May 6. Legacy contractors have assembled the flotation necessary to maneuver the bridge pieces into place. The bridge is now being lifted to its final position atop the abutments.

The city of Umatilla on May 28, 2024, reported work progresses on the construction of the new pedestrian bridge that crosses the Umatilla River and connects the city’s South Hill to the main parts of the city. (Photo courtesy of city of Umatilla)

This critical phase of construction is expected to be accomplished no later than June 21, according to the city bringing the project closer to its culmination.

The in-water work permit governs the project’s timeline. The permit is from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the Department of State Lands and the U.S. States Army Corps of Engineers.

“These agencies have meticulously determined the dates for river access based on comprehensive assessments, considering various factors, including impacts on fish and anglers,” according to the city’s update. “We are unwavering in our commitment to adhere to these guidelines, ensuring minimal environmental and stakeholder disruption.”

Contractors have finished the majority of the work for the pathway associated with the bridge and installed a retaining wall, paving, lighting and benches. Some final touches remain, according to the city, including hydroseeding along the pathway’s edges and construction of the final approximate 120 feet of trail that connects it to the bridge.

“The completion of this project is eagerly anticipated by the community as it will not only provide a safe and convenient route for pedestrians but also serve as a vital link between neighborhoods and essential amenities,” according to Umatilla Public Works Director Scott Coleman.

As construction activities are ongoing, the city is asking the public to avoid the area as a construction zone for safety reasons.

The city also plans to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony later this year. More information on that will follow soon.

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