Walden Welcomes President Trump’s Pardon of E. Oregon Ranchers


U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) applauded the pardon by President Trump of two Oregon ranchers who were sentenced to five years in prison for setting fire to federal property.

Their arrest led to an armed standoff with federal law enforcement officers.

“Today is a win for justice, and an acknowledgement of our unique way of life in the high desert, rural West,” Walden said. “I applaud President Trump for thoroughly reviewing the facts of this case, rightly determining the Hammonds were treated unfairly, and taking action to correct this injustice.

“For far too long, Dwight and Steven Hammond have been serving a mandatory minimum sentence that was established for terrorists. This is something that would ‘shock the conscience,’ according to Federal Judge Michael Hogan, who presided over the case and used his discretion in sentencing which later was reversed.  As ranchers across Eastern Oregon frequently tell me, the Hammonds didn’t deserve a five year sentence for using fire as a management tool, something the federal government does all the time.”