Weather Service Eases Fears of Flooding in Umatilla County


Despite rain and snow forecast for later this week, no river flooding is expected in Umatilla County, according to a briefing by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Pendleton.

Members of the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office, Umatilla County Emergency Management together with other community leaders throughout Umatilla County and Walla Walla County meet regularly with the NWS for updated briefings. Those briefings help ensure that that emergency response officials have as much information as possible, and are able to provide as much advanced warning as soon as possible – should conditions warrant.

During Tuesday’s briefing, the NWS said that while no river flooding is expected, some locations with snow still on the ground may see some minor flooding due to ice clogged storm drains and snow-filled ditches Thursday and Thursday night.

A weather system will move through on Thursday with rain and a mix of rain and snow for the mountains. Snow levels are expected rise to near 7,500 feet early Thursday, then lower to around 5,500 feet Thursday night and then down to 3,500 feet by Friday morning.

There will be rises on streams and rivers, but they currently have room for water. Some streams and rivers have ice and with the warmer temperatures expected, there will be break up of ice and some ice movement.

High pressure returns for drier conditions through the weekend and early next week.


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