WSU Tri-Cities Partners with BMCC for College Transfer Program


By Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

Washington State University Tri-Cities is partnering with Blue Mountain Community College for a direct student transfer program that will save students costs, increase pathways for STEM careers and help students graduate on-track and on-time with a bachelor’s degree.

Through the WSU Tri-Cities-BMCC Bridges Program, students do not pay an admissions application fee, nor do they pay for access to transcripts to transfer to WSU Tri-Cities. Students in the program also benefit from in-state tuition rates once attending WSU Tri-Cities.

Throughout their time at both schools, students work with an academic advisor at both BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities to develop a complete program of study. Through that process, students know what classes they need to take and what will directly transfer, helping to cut down on unnecessary classes that won’t transfer between the two institutions.

“We are excited to partner with Blue Mountain Community College to create access to a baccalaureate degree for more students,” WSU Tri-Cities Chancellor Sandra Haynes said. “With our close proximity to BMCC in Oregon, this program creates an ideal partnership between our two institutions to serve students in both areas and help students save on costs.”

Mark Browning, president of Blue Mountain Community College, said he is excited for the opportunities that the Bridges program presents for students from the Blue Mountain region.

“Bridges is what we hope to see for all our students who see a path to their future through a regional research university like Washington State University Tri-Cities,” he said. “Blue Mountain students will now be able to pursue a complete program right here. The resources available through WSU Tri-Cities are now available to those BMCC students who enroll in Bridges – including those in a variety of STEM programs ranging from engineering, to computer science, to the sciences. Talk about a bright future.”

Requirements for the program

To qualify for the WSU Tri-Cities-BMCC Bridges program, students must have taken less than 45 quarter credits at BMCC with a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade-point average. Additionally, they must be in the process of completing one of the following degrees: AAOT, ASOT/BUS or ASOT/CS.

To apply for the Bridges program, students should submit the Declaration of Intent on the Bridges website. The WSU Tri-Cities Bridges academic advisor will follow-up individually with students to set up meetings to talk about next steps.

When getting ready to transfer to WSU Tri-Cities, students should submit the WSU Tri-Cities admissions application by Nov. 15 for spring admission, or by Jan. 31 for fall admission, to ensure they are eligible for merit-based awards.

 Students to feel right at home

WSU Tri-Cities is the closest four-year public university to BMCC students in Hermiston, making it a great option for students interested in earning an excellent education close to home, Browning said.

At BMCC, more than 41% of students are students of color and the majority are the first in their family to attend college. Similarly at WSU Tri-Cities, nearly 48% of students are students of color and nearly 44% are the first in their family to attend college.

“We look forward to welcoming a bunch of new Timberwolves to the Coug community where they will feel right at home,” Haynes said.

Crossing the Columbia to become a Coug

BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities alumnus Kyle Kopta said he enjoyed the ease of the transfer process from BMCC to WSU Tri-Cities and also benefited from in-state tuition rates as a Hermiston resident.

“My pathway through BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities was the perfect fit for me,” he said. “It allowed me to accomplish my personal and professional goals in the most timely and affordable way possible.”

Kopta is a Hermiston High School graduate and decided on attending both BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities due to the programming available through both institutions, as well as both schools’ proximity to his hometown. Interested in a multimedia degree, Kopta said he was able to complete his pre-requisite courses at BMCC, followed by his upper-level major courses for the digital technology and culture program at WSU Tri-Cities.

“Both institutions set me up for success in my career,” he said. “I hope others take advantage of this incredible opportunity and enjoy it as much as I did.”

For more information about the Bridges program, visit or contact WSU Tri-Cities Bridges academic advisor Rafa Pruneda at