Youth Have Time to Complete Hunter Education While Hunting This Fall

Kids age 17 and under will have more time to complete their hunter education while still getting to hunt this year. (Photo by Doug Darst)

As fall hunting seasons kick off, youth hunters will have more time to complete mandatory hunter education training while still being able to hunt this year.

Any youth (age 17 and under) who has completed an online hunter education class will be able to hunt on their own tag, even if they haven’t completed the required in-person field day.

With fewer hunter education classes/field days offered this year due to Covid 19, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) will defer the field day requirement for youth hunters for the 2021 hunting season. The field day will still be required to get a hunter education certificate, but can be delayed until after hunting season.

“This will provide additional time for any young hunter to get their hunter education certification,” said Antonio Salgado, ODFW Recruitment/Retention/Reactivation Coordinator. “They will still have to complete a field day to be fully certified. Since fewer and smaller hunter ed conventional classes and field days have been offered due to COVID, we didn’t want anyone to miss the chance to hunt this year,” he added.

Any youth in this situation will need to carry a valid paper copy of the Hunter Education “Online Course” Completion as proof while hunting this year. This certificate is issued at the end of the online course and is valid for one year. Youth need to print one and carry it with them on their hunt.

The rule will be in effect from today until March 30, 2022, so through the end of all 2021 hunts. After that date, youth will need to complete the field day to be considered fully certified in hunter education and able to hunt on their own tag.

Youth are also reminded that they may purchase licenses and tags without completing hunter education but must complete the class (or the online version only for this year) before going hunting.

Youth hunters are still encouraged to complete the field day as soon as possible. Conventional classes and field days may be fewer and smaller now due to Covid, but classes are still offered. For the latest list of classes, click here.

Hunters age 17 and under are required to complete hunter education before hunting on their own tag and license in the state of Oregon. This includes a classroom or online session and a hands on field day. The field day includes additional instruction and testing on topics like firearm safety, hunter ethics, outdoor skills and wildlife identification.