Oregon, West Coast, Rockies Buck Trend of Rising Gasoline Prices


Drivers in the West Coast and Rockies regions are enjoying falling pump prices while prices are rising in the rest of the country. For the week, the national average for regular gains four cents to $2.79 a gallon. The Oregon average loses a penny to $3.20.

The average price of a gallon of gas in Hermiston is $3.19.

The national average has added eight cents since the start of July, due mostly to more expensive crude oil prices, strong demand and decreasing gasoline stocks. Hurricane Barry, which made landfall in Louisiana over the weekend, has had little impact on the national average. However, the West Coast has seen gasoline stocks grow which is helping to keep prices here from climbing.

Oregon is one of only 10 states where prices are lower now than a week ago. Utah (-4 cents) and Idaho (-3 cents) have the largest weekly decreases. Indiana (+14 cents) and Illinois (+12 cents) have the largest weekly increases. This week there are seven states with an average above $3 a gallon, same as a week ago.

Oregon is one of 11 states with lower prices now than a month ago. The national average is 10 cents more and the Oregon average is 8 cents less than a month ago. Utah (-21 cents) has the largest month-over-month decline, while Illinois (+35 cents) has the largest monthly increase.


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