School Board OKs Facilty Lease for Growth


The Hermiston School Board approved a lease proposal Monday night which will impact several classrooms at Hermiston High School and the Innovative Learning Center (ILC).

The board approved moving support staff and programs out of various instructional spaces in order to free up permanent classroom space for students. Displaced employees and support functions will be moved to a consolidated leased facility over the summer and into the coming fall.

Based upon the board’s authorization, district administration will move forward with the following facility changes:

• District wide technology services will relocate from HHS to the leased facility (increasing classroom spaces at HHS).

• The Pregnant and Parenting Teen program will relocate from ILC to a Head Start facility across from HHS (increasing classroom spaces at ILC).

• Head Start will relocate to district-owned modulars near Rocky Heights Elementary School to increase access to Early Learning initiatives.

• Special programs districtwide staff will relocate from the Kik Center facility to the consolidated leased facility to free up space for expansion of Transitions program.

• Transitions program will grow and expand within the Kik Center facility.

• District office staff and administration, currently located near Rocky Heights, will relocate to the consolidated leased facility.

• District-wide records archives, currently warehoused in Portland, will be relocated to Hermiston at the leased facility, representing a cost savings for the district.

The new consolidated leased facility is located off Orchard and 11th Street (formerly Los Gavilanes). The facility will be remodeled to meet the district’s needs.