Umatilla Java Junkies Awarded Financing for Extensive Remodel


Umatilla Electric Cooperative has announced its efforts in financing the remodel of Umatilla Java Junkies, LLC’s Irrigon location.

Owners Dauna Griggs and Victoria Borden will use the fundsto purchase the land their business is currently on, upgrade their drivethru, replace their building, and purchase a new coffee roaster.

“It is our goal to own all three Java Junkies locations in entirety, including the building and the land they sit on. We have almost accomplished this goal and are so excited to continue achieving it with the help of the UEC Revolving Loan Fund,” said Griggs.

UEC General Manager and CEO Robert Echenrode said UEC is happy to help businesses through its Revolving Loan Fund and the UEC Business Resource Center.

“We are honored to be a part of Umatilla Java Junkies, LLC’s growth and are excited to see where they go from here,” he said.

UEC Executive Adviser Greg Smith said Java Junkies is an asset to the community and is excited to see the completed remodel.

“It’s always rewarding to be able to assist small business owners like Dauna and Victoria,” said Smith.

For more information regarding the UEC Revolving Loan Fund, please contact the UEC Business Resource Center at 541-289-3000.


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